Executive Assistant

How to Get a Job as an Executive Assistant

All of us desire to grow in many spheres of life. Rising the career ladder should be a target as we go to work every single morning. Landing a job as an executive assistant should no longer be difficult if only you follow these pieces of advice.

Be Willing to Take the Lead

Don’t sit back and be reactive to people’s proposals. Seek to initiate various projects with your employer. Explore various opportunities within the company and think strategically when the opportunities arise.

Executive assistant jobs

Be Honest and Dedicated

Handling confidential information is an important part of an executive job. How well you have dealt with such information in the past will have a big hand in determining whether you will land the job or not.

Be Resourceful

Appreciate that you have a hand in the direction a company can take and seek to use your skills to help the company move in the right direction. Try to understand your boss well enough and contribute to making their office lives easier

Improve your Communication Skills

As an Executive Assistant, you’ll have to interact with prospective clients as well as your colleagues at different levels within your company. You should be in a position to communicate clearly and precisely with all these people for the wellbeing of everyone. Don’t forget the position of influence that you will have. Your communication skills are interrelated with your interpersonal skills which should also be good enough. They work hand in hand in maintaining a good image for your company.

Be Versatile Enough

You should be able and willing to conduct different duties now and then. An executive assistant’s job keeps shifting every other day. There are days where you’ll be busy throughout while on other days you will have almost nothing to do apart from the usual routines. You should be prepared for these.

Maintain Professionalism

This is seen in how you deal with the people that you work with. Know your boundaries and don’t seek to go past them. This may mean having to deny yourself some pleasantries. Do not hesitate to do that. At the end of the day, you will have more good than harm.How you dress and also speak undoubtedly important.

Be Available

Once in a while, you may need to forego some of your plans for the sake of office duty. Your boss may need you for business trips. Don’t let them down. Learning to place people’s needs ahead of yours may be helpful when carrying out your numerous duties.

Improve your Managerial Skills

Given that you’ll have to handle a larger and more complex workload, you need to horn your skills. Reading books on management as well as taking short courses on the same will be helpful. Attending seminars and various training organized by your company will also increase your knowledge.

With this in mind, you can dream big, aim higher and work yourself up the administrative ladder.

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