Receptionists: How to secure a role

You want to be a Receptionist, prepare yourself to be on your good day on a daily basis. This is because you are the first person that everybody gets to meet when they come to your company. Most of the decisions that clients make are usually based on the first impression they get from a company. Given that you are the first point of contact, you will need to give a pleasant first impression for your company. Here is how to land a job as a receptionist.

Every day you will meet people from different walks of life. There are the kind and polite ones as well as the arrogant ones. You will be required to give pretty much the same treatment to both of them. Your tone and attitude towards people whom you interact with will need to be the right one. Needless to say, your employer will seek someone with excellent interpersonal skills. Whoever you place as referees may be called to give information about yourself. Choose them wisely and inform them before hand.

Most employers require a cover letter when applying for a job. So for receptionists, it is an opportunity to say something about yourself apart from your qualifications. It is, therefore, important to indicate why you are suitable for the job and how the skills you possess will add value to your prospective employers once they are brought on board. However, you need to be precise and brief.

In your resume, indicate jobs that you have done which have involved working with the public. Whether they were part time jobs or even volunteer work. You could also mention projects that you’ve taken part in that did not involve your circle of friends. As you do this, ensure that you are honest. You wouldn’t want your employer to seek to know more only to discover that you lied to them.

As a receptionist, you’ll need to be well organized and be good at multitasking. This will come in play especially when you receive phone calls and have to search for particular files at the same time or maintain contact with other clients. You’ll need to show how efficiently you’ve handled multiple tasks before. If you’ve implemented filing systems before, you could state in your resume how you did that.

Your technical skills should also be top-notch. You should be familiar with different phone systems as you will undoubtedly receive numerous calls. Computer skills like word processing and excel are also essential. Make sure you are well versed with them. The ability to use copiers and printers well is one that you should possess. These skills will heighten your chances of landing the job.

With this in place also seek to find out more about the company you work for. Understand what they deal in, how and why. An involved employee is an invaluable asset for any company seeking to hire.